Monday, August 19, 2013

Essay 8/19/13

     In That Time I Joined The Circus the major character Lexi and the minor character Eli influence the novel tremendously. Lexi and Eli have been friends for a very long time. The novel reveals that they both have some feelings for one another. Lexi's world comes crashing down when Eli gets mad at her and tells her to leave his room and when her father dies. She runs away to Florida to start a new life. Lexi and Eli's actions now change the course of the novel. Later on, Eli comes and finds Lexi in Florida. But Eli does not know that Lexi has fallen head over heels for Nick, a boy she has met while in Florida. This action once again changes the course of the book. When Nick leaves Lexi's life, she has no choice but to make amends with Eli. From there on out they continue to re-build their friendship. Eventually Lexi leaves Florida to go back home, and Eli goes with her. They then decide to go to colleges close to each other because they realize they really want to be together. Their actions forever change the storyline of the book. If these actions had not occurred the book would have been completely different. Lexi and Eli might have never revealed their feelings for one another which means Lexi would have never gone to Florida. That also means they might have not ended up together. The book would have had a completely different outcome.